Breakfast Cheese Market

Breakfast cheese (meaning “packaged cheese”) is the most valuable market in terms of financial value in the dairy sector.

During recent years, this market has been one of the most volatile and at the same time the most attractive food markets in the country, which has experienced many changes. Among the most important changes in this market, the following can be mentioned:

  • During the last two years, the brands “Ramak”, “Sabah” and “Mihan” have made significant investments in the field of “new product development” and at the same time, they have implemented successful advertising campaigns, and this reason, they have achieved significant growth in the market. Respectively, the highest growth rate in the packaged cheese industry in 2021 belongs to Mihan, Sabah, and Ramek brands.
  • In 2021 and compared to the year before that, the willingness of consumers to buy some types of cheese, such as cream cheeses and fatty cheeses in general, has decreased and they have decreased in value in the market.
  • The leader of the Iranian cheese market in 2021 was the “Kalleh” brand, however, in the same year, competitors such as Mihan, Sabah, and Ramak have taken part of the market share of the cheese market, and Kalleh faced a decrease in the volume share of the market.
  • In 2019 and 2020, the weight value of traditional and unpackaged cheeses (such as unpackaged Liqvan cheese) decreased, but in 2021, this trend reversed and the weight value of unpackaged cheese increased.
  • Although the average price of packaged Liqvan cheeses (which often have metal packaging) in 2021 was higher than other cheeses, its weight value also increased in the market.

In general, the motivation to experience new products is high among consumers regarding cheese products, and many of them change the brand and type of product they consume under the influence of advertisements or other reasons.

The brand replacement rate for cheese is higher than the average fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and the “market share volatility” of cheese occurs at a high level. Currently, based on the data collected in May 2022, the leaders of the cheese market in Iran are:

+ Kalleh

+ Pegah

+ Mihan

+ Sabah

Based on these data, the difference in market share between the second and fourth brands is very small, and it is likely that their positions will change easily under the influence of different campaigns.

Ref: Syndicated Datacenter of nexlooks

Nexlooks secondary data center is a specialized department for collecting market data and periodically monitors the status of important markets in the country and calculates the main market indicators or market KPIs such as market size, market share of competitors, and growth rate in the market.

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