Food Market

The food market can be considered the most competitive market in the country, where many players are active. However, this market still faces great opportunities and many undiscovered spaces are seen in this market. In this series of articles, attractive markets in the food industry will be examined. These studies are based on an important index, namely “Market Size Growth Rate”, which is obtained by dividing the market size in 2020 by 2021. All reviews will be based on weight growth or Volume Size because the growth of financial value or Value Size cannot be relied upon due to significant inflation in the country and shows false growth.

Packed Sandwich: In 2021, the value of this market (Volume Size) experienced a growth of 12.7%, which was one of the largest growth rates in the food market in the country. The spread of Corona has been one of the most important reasons for the development of the culture of using packed sandwiches in the country, which has caused the size of this market to increase significantly. Also, the increase in the price of meals caused a large part of society, especially employees and workers, to replace the main meals with packaged sandwiches. It is expected that the value of this market will grow by 10.6% in 2022.

Baby food or Packed Baby Food: In general, homemade baby food plays the main role in baby nutrition in Iran. Meanwhile, in developed countries, a large part of the nutritional needs of children, especially in the age group of 1 to 3 years, is provided by packaged products. Although currently, Packed Baby Food has a small share in the basket of Iranian households, the examination of this market in 2021 shows that this market has experienced significant growth and the weight value of this market has increased by 9.8%. An important part of the target group in this market has been employed women, especially in the upper economic classes, who are known as the main buyers of this product. It is expected in 2022; The growth rate of this market will increase to 12.3%.

Coffee and herbal teas (packaged): In 2021, the market size of packaged coffee experienced a growth of 5.3%, and the market size of herbal teas (packaged) experienced a growth of 7.3%. Meanwhile, tea experienced negative growth of 1.7%. In general, the tendency of young age groups (AB:18-30) to replace coffee and herbal tea with tea is one of the most important trends in the hot drinks market in Iran. It is expected that this trend will be maintained in 2022 and we will continue to see an increase in the market size of coffee and herbal teas. It is also predicted that the weight value of the tea market in 2022 will face a negative growth of 1.9%.