Air freshener

Why don't you produce air fresheners?

The air freshener market in Iran is very attractive. With a weight value of more than 10,000 tons. this market experienced a 7.8% growth rate in 2023. In a time where many FMCG products are facing negative growth. this market is experiencing a completely upward trend. though a significant portion of the market is still supplied through imports and smuggling. Air fresheners are divided into two main categories:

A) Instant air fresheners: that are mainly in the form of sprays and can instantly spread a good scent in the air.

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air fragrance

B) Continuous air fresheners: that are mainly liquid and solid and can release a good scent for a relatively long period of time. (e.g. 1 week) and are mostly used in the bathroom or a room.

In the continuous air freshener segment, we are witnessing the import and smuggling of various international brands. (relatively unknown brands) from countries such as Turkey and China. The demand for this product has experienced significant growth in recent years. which could be influenced by one of the following reasons. :

  • The average size of living spaces (house size) has decreased in Iran. mainly due to economic reasons, which has led to a reduction in the size of bathrooms in Iran.
  •  An increase in the culture of using this product and familiarity of the middle segments with the product. (generally, the per capita of Home Care products in Iran is higher than the global average. and Iranians have great potential for using such products.)
  • The prevalence of using the product in a room and even in the living room.
  • Using it as a brand’s signature