Market Opportunities

Iran is the last untapped market in the world. and there are many opportunities in it

Market Opportunities

Iran is the last untapped market in the world. and there are many opportunities in it

Market Opportunities


specialized teams and working groups of Nexlooks are periodically monitoring. and evaluating various markets in Iran and other countries in the region. Various data is periodically collected and analyzed from these markets. and various indicators that. reflect the attractiveness of the market will be processed. Another goal of these working groups is to examine. and evaluate market opportunities, which usually include one of the following:

Parts of the market or customer needs. that currently have not been seen and the possibility of investing. and earning money from them is high.

New goods and products that are not currently in the market. and presenting them to the market can be attractive to the Iranian consumer.
Segments of the market in which the level of competition is low. and the entry of new companies and competitors can be profitable.

Competitors and Market opportunities

Parts of the market that, despite the presence of competitors., are so large and valuable that the entry of new competitors. and gaining a small share of the market there,. can be justified Segments of the country’s market. that have not received enough attention from Iranian companies. These segments can be identified geographically. or demographically Examine market trends and identify products. whose consumption is growing and its market is expanding Regional markets. where Iranian goods and products can easily have a competitive advantage such as price.

But the question is, how are these opportunities extracted. and identified in the Nexlooks agency? The answer to this question is simple. In nexlooks, continuously and periodically (every 6 months)., important market indicators such as competition intensity., market size, consumer behavior, etc., are evaluated. These reports are also compared with international reports in the same industry. For example, international reports indicate that. a new generation of flavored yogurts is selling countries such as France.

Iran Market

But in examining the Iranian market,. it is clear that these products in Iran. have not been marketed as they should be. or do not have high sales. This is identified as a potential opportunity. In the second stage, a project is defined to investigate this issue., and different types of flavored yogurt are tested among a sample. of Iranian customers and consumers., and it is determined that Iranians do not have much desire to consume flavored yogurt. and this product can not Have a large market in Iran.

Therefore, this potential opportunity cannot be. turned into a suitable actual opportunity. Now, if the results of this test were reversed and it became clear that the Iranians welcome. and love these yogurts; This potential opportunity was presented to employers as a golden opportunity in the dairy industry. In this way, some opportunities in different markets can be identified. Or in another example, the market evaluation of an industry reveals that. its market size has been growing above average over the last 5 years,. and in some market segments, the intensity of competition is very low.


These segments and such markets. are identified as potential opportunities and after careful consideration;. Potential capacities to enter these markets are determined. (based on estimates of market size in the next 5 years and production capacities of active actors in the market). Such conclusions are usually based on market analysis methods. that are mainly dependent on indicators such as market size, market trends., changes in consumer behavior habits., as well as the intensity of competition.
Identifying market opportunities is a very difficult task and requires extensive market information., and nexlooks has invested heavily in recent years to collect and analyze market data. and strives based on this information, to identify market opportunities and provide them to employers.