Market Reports

Get access to different market reports quickly and economically

Market Reports

Get access to different market reports quickly and economically

Market Reports

nexlooks Agency constantly monitors and collects information on various markets and prepares reports on macro indicators. These reports can provide quick, accurate and economic data. These reports are especially useful for early market insights and can pave the way for companies looking to enter new markets. Currently, reports from more than 45 different industries in the country are being prepared and updated in the Desk unit of nexlooks. These reports are updated twice a year and can be provided to customers quickly.
Market ready reports are not just about local markets. Some of these reports are about international markets. In recent years, export activities have become more attractive, especially for companies active in the food industry in the country. The most important reason for this is that along with the devaluation of the Rial against international currencies, the cost price of various products in the country has decreased compared to other countries and this issue has become a competitive price advantage for Iranian companies. However, the export performance of Iranian companies is far from what was predicted, and many Iranian companies still lack export infrastructure. Although these companies have realized the importance of exports and have realized its attractiveness, but they have not been able to develop export infrastructure and mainly export their products through brokers or intermediaries. One of the most important export infrastructures is data. Information infrastructure means a mechanism that can lead data of regional markets based on real and effective information and periodically calculate key indicators of these markets, and evaluate the attractiveness and opportunities in these markets. However, for most companies, setting up such an information infrastructure is not possible or, if possible, is very costly. In this situation, agencies such as nexlooks can provide information from these markets, to help various companies in developing export information infrastructure.
Given the importance of this issue and the growing demand in this field; nexlooks has set up specialized units by major countries in the region, and each working group is responsible for periodically reviewing and evaluating specific regional markets. The most important countries in the region from which information and analytical reports are currently being prepared are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Russia
  • Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Georgia
  • Turkey
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Pakistan
  • Syria

specialized working groups of nexlooks periodically prepare reports on important industries and markets in these countries, which include important and key indicators of the target market. The most important indicators presented in these reports are:
• Market size

• analysis of competitors and key players

• Product penetration

• The main indicators in the field of consumer behavior

• Distribution system and the role of intermediaries

• The most important and best-selling products and sub-brands

• Check and price position

• Market trends and forecast key market indicators for the next 5 years

Many of these reports are prepared in collaboration with other market research agencies in these countries. Currently, there are more than 650 reports from different markets of the mentioned countries in the nexlooks Group ready and available to customers. These reports are updated periodically. Most of these reports are in the fields of food, agricultural and horticultural products, meat and dairy products, cosmetics, detergents and personal care, electronics, home appliances and automobiles.