VOD Report (Home Entertainment Network)

The first part of the report about “VOD media habits” has been published.


Recently, the Home Entertainment Network has experienced significant growth. in terms of the number of users. and has attracted the attention of companies. as an attractive advertising channel.

This report discusses the “Subscription-Based Video On Demand”. or SVOD. The results show that this media is recognized. as a popular option in the AB class. and its main audience is in the 30-45 age group. In fact, the Home Entertainment Network is considered as one of the best options for advertising premium. and upper-class brands., whose target group is the middle-aged demographic.

Main players

There are three main players in the SVOD field., including FilimoFilmnet, and Namava. A brand performance analysis shows. that Filimo is widely recognized as the top brand in this field. with over 62% of users identifying it as the main brand in the home entertainment network sector. Based on data from the month of Dey 1402 (December 2023 – January 2024)., Filmnet has managed to rank second in most brand performance indicators.

The series “Zakhme Kari 2” and “Pooste Shire” are recognized. as the most-watched content on the Home Entertainment Network. (with a penetration rate of over 50%).

After years, the most popular content on the Home Entertainment Network. from the perspective of Generation Z is still the series “Ghorbaghe.”

The most successful content on the Home Entertainment Network. in terms of audience diversity has been the program “Sedaatoo.”


Media habits report

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