Best selling tea brands in Iran

Best selling tea brands in Iran

Tea market in Iran


Tea is considered the most popular drink among Iranians (excluding water). For various reasons, the tea market in Iran can be considered one of the most competitive markets. the Best selling tea brands in Iran will be elaborated below. 

Why Iran’s market?

These reasons include:

  • A large number of brands in this market.
  • The market share of various brands is usually close to each other.
  • A significant amount of advertising budget is considered in this market.
  • There is no absolute leader in this market. 

Iran’s market history

Until 2017, The tea market experienced negative weight growth. 

In other words, the market value decreased and gave way to substitute products such as coffee. However, from 2017 to the present, the market value of tea in Iran has increased again with positive growth. The most important reasons for the increase in tea consumption in recent years are the prevalence of the Coronavirus and the tendency to prevent it through hot drinks, as well as the increase in the price of substitute products such as coffee.

Nexlooks research result: Best selling tea brands in Iran

According to secondary data from Nexlooks research, which was collected based on a sample of 396 people from the top 5 cities in the country, the bestselling tea brands in the Iranian market include: 

A comparison of the data with the previous year shows that the highest growth rate in the tea market is attributed to the brands “Tashrifat” and “Sofia”. The results also show that buying tea in bulk (in contrast with tea bags) has experienced positive growth compared to the previous year.

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