Brand Love

Brand love | market research


Many studies have shown that the relationship between brand and consumer can go beyond simple interest. and consumers can become attached to a brand and have a kind of “love” feeling towards the brand. Brand love influences customers and helps attract more of them. which means more market share and revenue;. in this type of communication, consumers no longer pay attention to competing brands and defend their favorite brands.


Customer Loyalty:
When a consumer creates an emotional relationship with a brand, he is aware of the brand’s news. he is not easily attracted to the competitor’s brand. and even ignores one or two mistakes of the brand.

Ignoring prices:
Love brand makes consumers ignore the price of products. and therefore the brand can have higher prices than its competitors.

Consumers become brand advocates:
Popular brands are protected by their advocates. This is especially true in social media where consumers become brand advocates in times of crisis.

Consumers become brand promoters:
Advocates not only defend their favorite brand but also promote it in their networks.

Attracting top talent by the company: Professionals tend to be part of the structure of brands that are likable and successful to identify with..

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