Coffee market leaders in Iran

Coffee market leaders in Iran

coffee market

The coffee market is one of the most thriving consumer markets worldwide. This market has been growing due to the increased consumption culture., the growth of the coffee shop industry, and the changing tastes of consumers. Additionally, the rising consumption of coffee in new regions. such as Asia and Africa has also contributed to the expansion of the coffee market. so let’s find out who are the coffee market leaders in iran?

Coffee market in Iran

In Iran, the coffee market is recognized as an important consumer market. The consumption of coffee in this country has significantly increased., and consumers use various types of coffee, including instant coffee., French press, espresso, and filter coffee.

Most experts believe that the volume size of the coffee market has always risen over the past few years. (because of the changing culture of hot beverage consumption, especially among youth)

But the Nexlooks agency’s Syndicated reports indicate that the market’s value size has declined over the past two years. In fact, one can say that the coffee market in Iran has experienced positive growth., particularly during the years 2012 to 2017.

between 2019 and 2022, it was reduced And until 2020, it was reduced by 1.9%.
If conditions continue, the coffee market is forecast to decline in 2023 .and there will be negative growth of 1.7 percent. Of course, different types of coffee products have different growth rates As such, the instant coffee market is less impacted by market fluctuations. And in some cases, it’s actually grown positively. On the other hand, the market for fresh coffee beans has been linked to a larger decline

In general, the main reasons for the decline in the coffee market include:

-The reduced purchasing power of consumers due to economic conditions and conversion of certain consumers especially in middle-class economies to a cheaper drink such as tea.

-Growing consumer interest in eating different types of herbal infusions.

-A more effective role for tea and herbal infusion to prevent COVID-19.

coffee market in iran

Coffee market leaders in Iran

According to data from Nexlooks agency, which are collected periodically in five major cities across the country., The absolute coffee market leaders in Iran is still Nescafé (owned by Nestlé). And the Multicafe brand is number two. In terms of market growth (growth rate), we can refer to Starbucks’ instant coffees. Although there is no high market share. But it has managed to gain a significant share of Tehran’s northern regions in a short time. in general, although we have seen an increase in the number of brands in the coffee market over the past few years. heavy users still complain about the lack of quality products. And there are still numerous opportunities in developing quality and affordable products.

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