Concept Test

Definition of concept test:

A concept Test is a method to collect customer opinions about ideas and concepts related to a product or service., before its actual production and launch. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate the level of acceptance of customers .and their willingness to buy before production. And accordingly, critical decisions for production can be made. Only customers can determine whether an idea will succeed or fail. For this reason, it is essential that ideas and concepts are evaluated before being offered to customers. Insights gathered using concept testing help to launch products effectively and successfully. Concept testing provides information about product features, appearance., price, and more, and helps ensure the validity of each product component.

Types of concept testing

The 4 main methods of concept testing are as follows:

  • Comparison testing: In this test, two or more concepts are presented to the respondents. and the respondents compare the concepts to choose the best concept presented.
  • Monadic testing: In monadic testing, the target audience is divided into several groups. and only one concept is shown to each group. In this test, respondents express their opinions about different product features, .appearance, price, and other things, and since a concept is displayed in each group., a deeper analysis of the concept is done.
  • Sequential monadic testing: In sequential monadic tests, the target audience is divided into several groups.; But all the concepts will be displayed in all the groups, that’s why the long questionnaire is needed.
  •  Proto-monadic testing: A proto-monadic test consists of a sequential monadic test and a comparison test. In proto-monadic, respondents first., evaluate several concepts and then choose the concept they prefer. This design is useful for validating the results of the sequential monadic test. because the degree of compatibility of the selected concept. in the comparison test with the information collected in the sequential monadic test is determined.


  • Product Development: Concept testing is used to decide on the development of new products according to customer expectations.
  • Designing the home page of the website.: The home page is the first point of contact with potential customers., that’s why its proper design is essential. By using concept testing, design defects can be fixed.
  • New Logo Testing: When designing a new logo, it is essential to evaluate the customer’s reaction to the new design. and establish a visual connection with the logo. Concept testing is a great way to test different designs .and create a logo that fits your customers’ opinions and feelings.
  • Price: Concept testing is useful for designing a discount plan or planning a new pricing structure.
  • Advertising Testing: Testing ads, banners, and images on websites to identify the best possible combination are possible through concept testing. This type of testing can provide insights into whether or not an ad is being noticed by customers.