Experience Sustainable Growth

Through an active presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and continuous support of startups

Without exaggeration, the business environment in the world today can be considered influenced by startups. Startups that are not few in number and have been able to become billion-dollar businesses. Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, Dropbox, Pandora, and hundreds of other startups are currently valued at between $ 10 billion and $ 200 billion; One day they were considered a simple idea. The successful entrepreneurial ecosystem in the United States, by providing the infrastructure to identify, evaluate, grow, and invest in these early ideas, has turned them into multibillion-dollar companies that have become the guarantors of the country’s economic and commercial growth. In Iran, we have witnessed the formation of billionaire startups. DigiKala, as the largest online sales terminal, has become the Iranian version of Amazon, which has more than 900,000 daily visitors, more than 5 billion Tomans in sales, and more than 2,600 direct employees. The value of this company, according to the analysis of some sources, is estimated at nearly $ 800 million.

Other startups such as Bamilo, Snapp, Reyhoon, Digistyle, Tapsi, Aparat, Cafe Bazaar, etc., were once immature ideas; At present, they are worth several hundred billion Tomans and have been able to have tremendous effects on the improvement and growth of the business environment.

All of this has made investing in startups a big business in itself. Currently, large and independent companies in the world, such as Rocket Internet, specialize in startups and thus earn a lot of money. In Iran, companies affiliated with Hamrah Aval; Eghtesad Novin Bank, Pasargad Bank, Bank Day, and the country’s universities have been established directly support and invest in startups because they know that the growth of startups, in addition to being able to generate high income. It can also improve the revenue and financial performance of their own companies. However, if we look at the entrepreneurial ecosystem and startups in Iran; We will see that the presence of large companies in the startup space is still low. That large companies can identify pure ideas, evaluate them properly, provide space for their growth, and invest in them. However, by examining the situation of startups, it can be said that some areas have remained completely pristine and need more attention from various organizations. These areas are:

Online Retail

In today’s world, most companies need channels and online sales portals. Many customers today, as in the past, do not shop in the traditional way and do not want to go to shops and stores. They are looking for the products they need in cyberspace and are shopping online. The number of online stores is increasing day by day. Stores such as DigiKala, Bamilo, Rockland, etc., whose role in sales and marketing plans can no longer be ignored. Also, sales channels based on virtual networks such as Instagram are growing rapidly. As an example, it is estimated that by 2021, they will account for more than 10% of clothing sales in Iran. In such an environment, paying attention to virtual sales startups is a great necessity for all organizations and companies.


There are many startups in the field of marketing various products, especially digital marketing, which can help companies improve their marketing performance. These startups have been able to significantly reduce marketing costs and thus improve the efficiency of marketing programs. Also, introduce new ideas in the field of introducing and selling products and marketing them.

Marketing research

Marketing research startups can effectively improve the way they access customer information and provide more accurate and up-to-date information on customers. Saving time and money on marketing research projects is another advantage provided by these startups.

Export of goods and products

Startups and online businesses in general do not recognize nationality and can easily sell internationally through them. Amazon and Alibaba (the largest online store in China and the world); are known all over the world and offer their products to their international customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the lowest cost. Access to such portals is possible by investing in startups.

Modern advertising and content production

By 2022, the virtual advertising budget is expected to exceed the traditional advertising budget (such as television and magazines), although, in some countries of the world, it has already increased. Investing in startups that operate in the field of digital and online advertising, in addition to reducing advertising costs, can significantly improve the effectiveness of advertising plans for companies. Content production can also be considered one of the main bases of these advertising methods.

In general, content marketing can be considered one of the growing areas of advertising and marketing. For example, companies such as Mondelez and Mars (the world’s largest companies in the clothing industry) have set up separate organizational units solely to produce content related to their brand, and the result is that, for example, Page of Oreo, Has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone.

But what can be done to achieve this goal? In the first step, it is necessary to hold events, on weekends and identify initial startup ideas. Launching accelerators and directly supporting ideas for growth are other things companies can do. The establishment of venture capital units can also be considered as a complementary measure. Attending national entrepreneurship events, forming a separate department for the development of startups, and employing capable mentors in this sector are other proposed measures.