Fruit Juice Market

The fruit juice market in Iran has seen a significant decline in recent years. According to the obtained data, in 2021, the weight value of this market has dropped by 4.3%, which the main reason of that was the increase in the price of fruit juice in recent years. At the same time, we have seen the growth of the market for other beverages such as buttermilk (Dough) and non-alcoholic beer. In other words, many customers have been encouraged to buy cheaper drinks due to the increase in the price of fruit juice.

In the fruit juice market, customers prefer to buy smaller and cheaper samples, and for this reason, one-liter juices have been associated with a higher sales drop.

It is expected that we will see the decline of this market in 2022 and the process of replacing this product with cheaper drinks will continue.

The fruit juice market has not changed in terms of taste during 2021, and the two flavors “orange” and “peach” are still considered the top flavors of this market. Studies show that innovations in the market have often failed and new flavors have not been able to gain high sales.

In 2021, there has not been much change in the position of the main market players, the presence of imported brands in the Iranian market is still very limited and more than 98% of the market is in the hands of domestic brands.

Based on the data collected from the five most populated cities of the country, the “Sunich” brand is known as the main leader of the fruit juice market in Iran with a huge margin compared to its competitors. “Rani” and “Sunstar” brands are in second place with a slight difference from each other, and the next place belongs to the “Takdaneh” brand.