Iran’s leading insurance company


The insurance industry in Iran has many companies. The Iranian insurance industry is made up of many companies. Based on 2021 data, we have 33 insurance companies across the country. However, it is difficult to describe this industry as competitive because in many cases, the insurance companies’ performance; it is the same and similar. The development of new and distinctive services occurs infrequently and branded activities are not viewed at an acceptable level. From a customer perspective, there is no material difference between insurance companies. Iran’s insurance has a privileged position in the market due to its government status and reliability and other and other insurance brands (except for some brands) They have not been able to create a different position in the minds of customers. 

Iran’s insurance market

To remind brands, For most insurance companies. It happened at a low level. Only three insurance companies, Saman InsuranceMoalem Insurance, and Dey Insurance, have been able to obtain an acceptable share of “advertising messages”. which has come about as a result of successful advertising campaigns in recent years. The insurance market in Iran has countless opportunities in the field of “developing new services” “branding” and “improving the quality of services”

What items are important for choosing an insurance company

At the moment, the choice of an insurance company depends mainly on the following factors:

-The proximity of the insurance institution with the place of residence or work.

-Introducing an insurance company through a friend or relative.

-A familiar person is present in the insurance company.

-Pricing (due to growth in online sales channels and Aggregators)

Of course, in 2021, online sale of insurance was associated with significant growth, which was mainly influenced by the successful campaigns of the aggregator “Azki“.

In 2020, just 2.8% of insurance sales took place online. But in 2020, this figure exceeded 6 percent (in the number of insurers issued).
Growing online channels to buy insurance; The importance of the “price” factor has increased. And “price” can be considered as one of the choices of the insurance company, especially in car insurance.
Generally, Iran’s insurance is because of the “government” and the general public’s perception of “reliability” and “easier payment”; It is known as the absolute leader of the insurance industry in the country.
Recently, this brand has developed its online sales channels well and has been able to gain a significant share of online insurance sales. In general, the leaders of the insurance industry in the country include:

Iran’s leading insurance companies

  • Iran Insurance
  • Asia insurance (especially in the field of car insurance)
  • Dana insurance (especially in the field of medical insurance)
  • Pasargad insurance(especially in the field of life insurance)
  • Dey insurance(especially in the field of medical insurance)
  • Alborz insurance

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