Iran’s most attractive markets for investors

Over the last few decades, Iran has always been one of the interesting investment markets. If sanctions are lifted today, we will see an influx of international brands in Iran’s various markets.
The Iranian market may be described as an attractive market for a variety of reasons, such as:
-Large population (85 million people in 2020.
-Low competitive intensity in many markets (particularly relative to global averages)
-The removal of international trade marks from the Iranian market as a result of sanctions.
However, an important question is raised, and that is:

Which Iranian markets are the most attractive to invest in?

To answer that question, a variety of indicators can be considered. Nexlooks market analysis based on three shifts, namely “competitive intensity”, “market trend” And “Market Size” introduces the most appealing markets for investment in Iran. It should be noted that the purpose of this report is simply to reflect the general attractiveness of markets. And entering these markets calls for further investigation and analysis.

The attractive markets for investment are as follows:

-Appliances in all sections (large and small appliances) except for microwaves.
-Cosmetics (especially in corporate identity)
-The market for food ingredients, particularly sweeteners.
-Ingredients market in the field of cosmetic products, specifically Humectants.
-Products in relation to pets (Per Care)
-Prepared and instant foods such as packed sandwiches and ready meals.
-Cellulosic products, specifically for women and adults.
-Perfume, colognes, and other aromatic substances (Perfumes)
-Essential oils linked to oral and dental health (oral care)
-Baby products include baby feed, baby detergents, etc.
-Skincare products
-Pasta and macarons, which have been associated with an increase in per capita consumption and weight value over the past few years.
-Some products are available on the home care market, specifically dishwashing detergents and dishwashers.


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