Leaders of Iran’s chocolate market

Chocolate is a popular product throughout the world, particularly among children. And it is sold in different formats, such as chocolate bars, chocolate breakfasts, double-headed chocolate, egg chocolate, chocolate deli, etc. It’s all called “Chocolate Confectionery.”

The volume size of the chocolate marketplace is lower than other snacks such as cookies, Candy and toffee, Cakes, bakery products, and even “savory snacks like crisps and Cheese puffs” Maybe the primary reason for this is the higher price of chocolate in Iran compared to other snacks. The raw materials from the chocolatier market are imported and most producers in Iran are reducing product prices by using less solid raw materials so they can rival other snacks in Iran.

As a result, we note that the quality of domestically produced chocolates is lower than that of foreign samples. In recent years, the quality of chocolate in Iran has increased and competition from domestic brands is at the highest level in comparison with international brands. In terms of competitiveness, data was collected from 5 major cities of the country(Tehran, Mashhad, Esfahan, Tabriz, and Shiraz).

This demonstrates that the leaders of the Iranian chocolate market include:

It is important to note that in every product category, the market leader is different. For example, in bar chocolates, Farmand chocolate is at the top of the list. And the most successful brand in recent years is “Gallardo” (affiliated with Farmand Company), which has achieved the highest sales growth rate in recent years. In the competitive chocolate market in Iran, around 10 percent of the market value is still held by foreign brands. Of course, in recent years they have lost much of their market because of import restrictions and rising currency prices.