The country’s leading banks

Iran’s leader banks

In recent years and in parallel with the reduction of communication and publicity activities of banks active in the country. The growth rate of their “new services and products” has also decreased. And new and separate messages from banks have not been presented in the market.(Maybe only the “Blue Bank Saman” campaign can be regarded as one of the successful and distinctive examples implemented in recent years.) The country’s leading banks.

Digital banking

In terms of the rate of brand change among these clients., compared to prior years, it has been associated with a decrease. and most clients have not changed their principal bank. One of the major events in the banking sector is the growing importance. of services linked to “digital banking”, “mobile banking”,. and “online banking” in customer decision-making. While these cases are not the same from a professional perspective., from a general client perception perspective., all three are considered to be similar concepts. And they influenced how the brand was chosen. 

best digital banking

In the domain of digital banking and based on perception,. the bank’s Saman, Mellat, and Melli behaved better. And most customers see these three banks. as leaders, particularly in the field of online banking. In general and based on information collected. in June 2022 and through telephone interviews. (sample size of 400 people) in 5 major cities of the country. 6 banks are recognized as the most important banks in the Iranian market. It should be noted that this prioritization is based on the “number of customers”. (what is called the volume share) and not on the financial value. In addition, the information provided is at the level of end customers (B2C). and institutional and corporate customers. are not included in this information. In this way, the main and leading banks. in the Iranian market include: 

The country’s leading banks

Bank Melli Iran
-Mellat Bank
-Sepah Bank
-Saderat bank
-Tejarat Bank
-Pasargad bank

*The important point is that Sepeh Bank’s position was weaker in previous years., but recent mergers in the banking sector led to an improvement in this bank’s position.

Nexlooks‘ secondary data center is a specialized market collection department. and regularly monitors the status of major markets in the country.

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