Over the last three years, the size of the market for most drinks such as fruit juices and soft drinks has been associated with zero or negative growth in the country. But the buttermilk market has always been a positive volume size in recent years. On average, it has grown by 2.8 percent annually over the past three years. This increase in volume  has occurred for several reasons, The most important of them include: 

-Loss of people’s purchasing power and desire to consume cheaper beverages: Although the price of buttermilk has increased considerably in recent years, buttermilk price is even better than most drinks.

-Growing public awareness of the dangers of carbonated beverages: In recent years, regarding the harms of soft drinks or even industrial juices, the consumption of buttermilk, as a healthy drink, has increased.

-Increasing product variety: Because of production operations in companies like Mihan, Alis, Kale, etc., The variety of this product has grown in the marketplace and succeeded in attracting public opinion.

-Increase in advertising over last 3 years: Various brands, including Alis and Mihan, have run large advertising campaigns on the product which resulted in an increase in per capita consumption of this product and positive growth in the volume value of the entire market.

The buttermilk market is currently one of the best in the country’s food industry. And this market is expected to grow positively over the next few years. With respect to the most important characteristic of the buttermilk market, it should be noted that no brand is considered to be the market leader by a margin. Indeed, the market shares of active brands are slightly different from one another. And in every city or region, it is possible to easily change the market leader, according to the distribution power of the various companies active in the industry.

 recent retrospective studies in Teheran show that the leaders of the buttermilk market include:


Of course, it is stressed once more that the difference between the different brands is small. The data collected in this report came from the city of Tehran, and given the cities, it is certainly possible for the order of introductions to change.