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Iran's Gum market best sellers

Bidondent is one of the best product development strategies in the food industry. The gum market in Iran is a significant one., with Iranians referring to this chewable product as “adams” due to its first introduction by the American brand. Adams, which produces this product. Gum market brands or Admas gums are divided into two main categories.: Chewing and Bubble. with more than 82% of the Iranian market belonging to Chewing Gum. Although the gum market does not have a significant weight value (less than 12,000 tons annually)., it has one of the highest profit margins in the food industry.

Why this market is interesting:

  • This market has a high variety of brands, and numerous players are present in this industry. Although its weight value has decreased in recent years due to the decline in people’s purchasing power., it remains an attractive market for investment in the food industry. The attractive investment prospects in this market include:
  •  The decrease in the presence of international brands in the Iranian market. since 2016 and the less competitive premium market section as a result.
  •  The high price of foreign gums and the reduced desire to purchase them by mid-segment consumers.
    The lower quality of domestically produced products compared to foreign ones. (consumers can differentiate between domestic and international brands’ quality differences).

The most important market gap is in segment B and to some extent C1. Where domestic brands are not able to meet the expectations of customers (due to low quality). and customers are not able to buy international brands (such as Trident or Relax). For this reason, an important part of the domestic market. (at least 30% of the weighted market value) is supplied by foreign brands. which are mainly smuggled into Iran from Turkey.

successful Brands:

Two brands, Trident and Relax, become the leader of the AB market in Iran. Biodent brand is the leader in the C1 segment and White is the leader in the C2 segment. The interesting thing is that there are two other products in the Iranian market. that are also copied and produced by different Iranian companies. that have taken a large share of the Iranian market. which include banana chewing gum. (the original example of that company’s product is mumps) and gum bear. In general, it can be said that branding in the field of chewing gum in Iran is difficult and a challenge. because there is not enough trust in domestic brands. and in a word, the main opportunity in the chewing gum market is not in branding production.

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