Top-selling pasta brands in Iran

Iran’s market

The pasta market is one of the most stable and attractive markets in the food industry in Iran. Its weight value was estimated at 445,000 tons in 2022. In other words, per capita, pasta consumption in Iran is around 5.17 kilograms. The value size of this market has been accompanied by positive growth in the past three years. However, a significant portion of this growth is attributed to the economic sectors of society. Therefore, price-oriented brands and small local manufacturers have experienced higher growth. Top-selling pasta brands in Iran

Reason of the growth in Iran

 Generally, the main reasons for the growth in pasta consumption in Iran in the past three years include:

1. Decrease in purchasing power of significant sections of society, especially the middle class, and an increase in the tendency to consume cheaper food: Pasta is always considered to be a relatively cheap food for an average Iranian family. Therefore, with the decrease in purchasing power, per capita pasta consumption increases, and pasta becomes an essential substitute for more expensive foods.

2. Increase in rice prices, especially in the past two years: The increase in rice prices has a direct relationship with the increase in pasta consumption. Pasta is one of the most important rice substitutes.

3. Increase in women’s employment rate: In large cities, especially Tehran, the employment rate of women has been increasing positively in recent years. The increase in women’s employment has a significant relationship with the increase in pasta consumption (as pasta preparation is usually not time-consuming and is easy).

Top-selling pasta brands in Iran

As mentioned, a significant portion of the growth in pasta consumption in Iran has occurred in middle-income and weak economic regions, and the highest sales growth has belonged to small local producers. Generally, based on data from the five main cities in the country (Tehran, Mashad, Esfahan, Shiraz, and Tabriz), the Top-selling pasta brands in Iran
in 2022 are:

1. Zermakaron
2. Tak Macaron (especially in high-income segments)
3. Mana

The difference between Mana and Tak Macaron has decreased in recent years. In some cities such as Tabriz, Mana has a larger market share, while in some cities such as Tehran, Tak Macaron has a greater market share. In general, it is predicted that the value size of the pasta market in Iran will also experience positive growth, especially in the economic sector, in the coming year.