Market Reports Prepared from Attractive Markets in the Region

Important market indicators of Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Syria, Turkey and other Middle East and CIS countries

The devaluation of the Rial against the dollar in recent years has increased Iran’s export potential. Many products can now be priced much lower than the global average and even the region. Many Iranian products, especially in the food and agricultural industry, have a high competitive advantage and have great potential for export. However, many Iranian companies do not have sufficient knowledge of regional markets and cannot start or develop export activities. Although the advantages of international and regional markets for Iranian companies are obvious and tangible, due to the lack of knowledge and information from regional markets, the export potential of most Iranian companies is low. Even those Iranian companies that are active in the field of export, usually do indirectly through intermediaries and brokers, and lose a significant portion of potential revenue. The most important reason for the weakness of Iranian companies in the field of exports can be attributed to the lack of data. This lack of data includes the following:

  • Lack of knowledge of potential target markets that can be suitable for exporting the product (inability to assess market attractiveness)
  • Lack of awareness of market size, market value, and target market capacities
  • Lack of sufficient knowledge of competitors and players in target markets
  • Lack of knowledge of consumers and buying behaviors in target markets
  • Lack of knowledge of potential intermediaries and distributors

These reasons have led to the low performance of Iranian companies in exports to countries in the region; Despite the many advantages, especially in the food industry; Still a long way from the ideals. nexlooks has been collecting and preparing market reports from countries in the region, which provide important and key information such as market size, main competitors, consumer behavior, market attractiveness, and intermediary behavior. This information is especially necessary to evaluate the attractiveness of export target markets and also the initial knowledge of these markets, and nexlooks is one of the first Iranian companies to provide this information in the form of market analytical reports. This data is updated periodically (annually) and specialized working groups for different countries work separately to ensure the accuracy and quality of this information. The most important countries in the region where analytical reports on various markets have been prepared are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Turkmenistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Diameter
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Syria
  • Pakistan

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