Media Planning


Media planning is the process of determining where., when, and how often an advertisement will be repeated to maximize engagement. and return on investment. Campaign planning, budgeting., timing and even launching the campaign. are considered components of media planning. An effective media plan results in a set of advertising opportunities. that target a specific audience. and align with the marketing budget.

Components of a Media Planning:

_ Objectives: A media plan defines. the objective of the campaign and how to achieve it. For example, the purpose of running a campaign can be brand awareness or introducing a product.

_ Target audience: Campaigns are planned related to the target audience. Therefore, in media planning, the target audience. and their preferences are identified.

_ Type of media: To implement successful media planning,. the media that has the most impact on the audience. and the campaign are identified and selected.

_ Schedule: In media planning,. a specific schedule is determined for the time and duration of advertising content.

_ Reach and Frequency: Relates to the timeline and refers to how many times. the consumer is exposed to the ad during the campaign.

In advertising, there are 3 approaches to choosing the frequency of publication:

_ Continuous: The ad runs continuously for a certain period of time.

Flighting: An ad is shown in intermittent periods. For example, a company can choose to run an ad for a week. and then run it again after a week’s break.

_ Pulsing: A combination of the above two methods. and includes continuous advertising. as well as scheduled increases or stops. In other words, there is a continuous flow of advertisements,. but the frequency and volume of advertisements are reduced based on their effectiveness.

Types of Media Planning:

In general, there are 2 main areas for advertising:

Online media channels: including social media, display ads, and video marketing.

Offline media channels: including TV, radio, podcast, billboard, and…

Also, 3 types of media are included in media planning.

Paid media: in this type of media, to publish content., it is necessary to pay a financial fee; such as display ads.

Owned media: includes the media. that belong to the brand and the content. is published in the domain of the brand’s media; Like posts and brand website.

Earned media: there are media that publish the content of a brand for free;. Like customer comments and opinions.