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Product test


A product test is a research method of collecting quantitative and qualitative data about the preferences, reactions, and potential consumption behavior of customers towards a product. In this method, the audience tests the product and their reactions to the taste, smell, etc. of the products are recorded.

Types of product testing

In general, there are two main types of product testing:

In-Home Usage Test or IHUT: 

In IHUT studies, products are sent to target audiences, and consumers use the product and share their experiences during and after testing. This method can be implemented through mobile research; Mobile research allows research participants to record videos of preparation and consumption, which helps provide better qualitative insight.

Central Location Test or CLT:

In CLT studies, consumers are present in controlled environments to participate in research and share their experiences of using the product. This method is implemented by market research companies.
Depending on the type of product and its durability, the type of product testing is different. For example, if the product is a hygiene product (such as shampoo) or requires time to consume, IHUT is a better option for research.
Another classification divides product tests into 6 types:

Concept testing: 

the feasibility of an idea or concept and how it works in the market are evaluated.

QA testing:

In this test, the features or functionality of a product are tested before public release.

A/B testing:

two versions of the product are created and customers are asked which version they prefer.

Market testing:

includes introducing a product to some customers for market evaluation. Market testing is often used to forecast product sales, plan advertising campaigns, and determine effective distribution strategies.

User testing: 

User testing is done after creating the product and releasing it to the public. In this type of testing, data and information are collected based on customer experiences with the product. And it is determined whether there is a need to make changes in the future or not.

Regression testing:

This type of product testing is used after customers start using the product. In regression testing, the current features of the product are tested to determine the next features of the product. It also specifies that the product will function as intended after the update.

Consumer Behavior

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