Non-Alcoholic Beer Market

The non-alcoholic beer market is one of the growing markets in the country, which has a high financial value. This market is highly attractive for international companies and they will undoubtedly plan to enter the Iranian market after the sanctions are lifted.

In 2016, we saw the presence of international brands in the Iranian market, but in the following years and simultaneously with the intensification of sanctions, the position of international brands in the country’s market was very limited, and currently more than 96% of the market is owned by domestic brands.

The information obtained in June 2022 (which was collected by using the telephone interview method) provides some important points, which are:

– Non-alcoholic beer can generally be divided into two groups: simple (classic) and flavored, and the behavior of customers is completely different when faced with each category. simple (classic) non-alcoholic beers are generally popular among middle-aged men, while flavored non-alcoholic beers are generally preferred by younger age groups.

– The desire of women to consume non-alcoholic beer has increased compared to last year.

– The level of customer loyalty to this product is lower compared to other food products, and most of the customers have neoliberal behaviors and may change the brand they buy in rotation.

– Customers usually consider several options for purchase, and the final purchase largely depends on the availability (level of access) and layout of the store.

According to the obtained data, the three leading brands in the Iranian non-alcoholic beer market (based on the “market share based on the last purchased brand” index) are respectively:

+ Istak

+ Behnoush

+ Heyday