The Fastest Way To Do Market Research

In the shortest time, make decisions based on data

Marketing research projects are the most time-consuming. On average, it takes 2 to 3 months to complete a marketing research project, such as consumer behavior or competitive analysis. This is while in some cases; Not enough time is available for marketing managers or other relevant managers. For example, a marketing manager may have only a few days to complete his plan or idea. In such cases, it is necessary to be able to prepare and collect the required data on various topics at a high speed. Rapid market research practices help managers to access the data they need as quickly as possible. These methods mainly include the following methods:
• Desk research: In these methods, the existing data is used and attempts are made to use secondary data (data that already exists without the need to run a new project) as the main source and reference. However, having secondary data from different markets requires extensive activity over a significant period of time. nexlooks continuously, with separate teams; Monitors the situation of different markets in Iran. Based on these efforts, marketing data is systematically collected and classified, and at the time of the client’s order, the same information is used as a market research and analysis reference. Various teams working in nexlooks, periodically collect various and important market indicators and prepare them in the form of desk reports so that they can provide the information required by customers in case of need. Therefore, using this method, you can have key information and indicators about different markets in less than 1 day. These indicators and information have already been calculated and it is enough to provide the required reports to the companies.
Desk Plus Research: As mentioned, nexlooks has access to a vast database of markets, however, it may in many cases; Cannot fully answer customer questions or ambiguities. At the same time, the employer has little time and it is not possible to implement projects on market research. In such materials, a new style of market research dubbed “Desk Plus” at nexlooks; Is raised. In this method; Information gaps are complemented by interviews with market insiders or rapid market research such as online projects. Therefore, the main methods based on this can be considered as follows:

A) Desk Research + IDI sessions (in-depth interview)
B) Desk Research + Online Research

Usually needed time for these projects is less than 4 days and can be done in the same short time; Provided information with an error rate of less than 5%. For example, indicators such as market size, competitive position; Estimate the penetration rate and market share, or provide the necessary information about the selection of advertising concepts or ideas.

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