The Largest Database of the Iranian Markets

Analytical reports prepared from various markets in Iran

Over the years, Nexlooks has been collecting data and key indicators from various markets in Iran and even in the region. This data is collected through the implementation of Syndicated market research projects and can be provided to various companies. Nexlooks specialized teams periodically update this data at 6-month periods. It is safe to say that the largest database of markets in Iran belongs to the Nexlooks agency, so market analytical reports from all major industries and markets in Iran are currently prepared and ready to provide. Therefore, companies can easily access important and key data from different markets in Iran. Each report contains important information and key indicators about the target market, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Market size (Volume and value size)
  • evaluating the main competitors in the market
  • Main indicators of consumer behavior
  • Market trends and forecast important indicators in the future
  • General market opportunities

These reports are done by specialized working groups and teams, and each team or working group is responsible for one or two industries. Also, the task of periodic monitoring and review will be the responsibility of the same specialized team. The reports Will be updated at 6-month periods by the same team. The most important industries and markets that are periodically monitored and analytical reports are compiled about them are:

  • Home Appliances
  • Mobile phones and computer parts
  • Housing
  • Cars and tires
  • Banking and insurance
  • Home care and detergents
  • Personal Care
  • Health care
  • Dairy and meat
  • hot and cold drinks
  • Fruits and agricultural products
  • cosmetics
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Fashion and clothing

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