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Brand image is the perception or view that customers have of a brand. In other words, brand image is how current or potential customers perceive or relate to the brand. The opinions, beliefs, and perceptions of target customers shape the brand image, which may be based on actual data or fanciful assumptions of consumers. Finally, the idea and perspectives formed in the minds of customers can be opposite or coincide with the brand identity.

Factors affecting the formation of brand image:


The quality of the product or service affects the positive or negative image of the brand.

The ability to use the product or service and conform to the customer’s needs is effective in forming a positive image of the brand.

The perceived value and its conformity with the customer’s expectation are decisive in the positive image of the brand.

A strong connection with the brand leads to the formation of a strong brand image.

Product durability plays an important role in the positive or negative brand image.


A positive brand image is important for many reasons, including:

Build credibility: A positive brand image can help a company build credibility in its industry. When consumers perceive a brand as credible in the industry, they are more likely to favor it over competitors.

Good impression: A positive brand image helps to make a good first impression on customers.

Increase referrals: When customers have a positive image of a brand, they are more likely to recommend its services or products to others. Referrals have a great impact on the growth of brand audiences, and many audiences consider customer recommendations as a reliable source of information.

Creating recognition: A recognizable brand can attract new customers and by producing new products, it is welcomed by consumers.
Being known professionally: A brand image can help it to be professional and organized. If a brand’s image is consistent and organized, customers may perceive the brand as professional.

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