Home Visit


 If the purpose of the research is to evaluate a product or service that consumers use at home, the In-Home Interviews method is the most suitable method for data collection; Because no method provides real context and feedback from consumers more than interviewing consumers in the natural environment. The In-Home Interviews method is one of the qualitative methods of collecting information in market research, where usually a team of interviewers visits a consumer’s home, and during this visit, they discuss the product or service that the person uses at home. In this meeting, the interviewee usually uses the desired product or service according to the instructions, and the interviewers record the important things observed. These meetings last about 1 to 2 hours and at the end of the meeting, a significant gift is given to the interviewee.

Interview process

After determining the objectives of the research, a list of qualified people is selected to conduct the interview. Generally, in order to check some basic conditions, a screen is completed with different people, and if the conditions for conducting an interview are met, a time is set for the research team to be present at the people’s homes. After conducting the interview, the feedback and consumer experience of using the product or service is analyzed.


The most important advantage of using the In-Home Interviews method is the naturalness of the data collection environment. This subject helps to make this method very efficient in product development projects. This method helps to see the use of a product or service life in the eyes of the research team, and if questions arise for the interviewees in this process, it is possible to ask questions during use. For example, in the preparation of food, the interviewee can be asked to prepare the food according to his daily habit. In this situation, various questions can be raised:

What can be improved in the preparation instructions for this product?

Why did you prepare this product in this way?

(As the interviewee added an addition) Why did you add this addition?

What do you usually eat this food with?

And …


The most important challenge related to In-Home Interviews is the discussion related to the costs of doing it. Usually, the implementation of this method has a high cost; The travel cost of the research team, as well as the significant gift that must be given to the interviewee, lead to the high cost of conducting each interview. In addition, the correct collection of information in this method is largely dependent on the mastery of the interviewers, and if this mastery is not present, the results may not be collected correctly.