The Position of Qualitative Research in Iran

Why is qualitative research not taken seriously in Iran?

Qualitative research is prominent in most developed countries, accounting for an average of 70% of market research projects in some countries. But in Iran, this figure is less than 30%. In other words, less than a third of marketing research conducted in Iran is qualitative. There are several reasons for this, but perhaps one of the most important is the lack of trust of marketing managers in the results of this style of research. Maybe if we look at the issue fairly, we will realize that they are right. Although the implementation methods in the field of qualitative research in Iran are very similar to other countries, there are poor analytical reports in this field, and in many cases, marketing managers cannot get answers to their questions. However, the quality of analytical reports in qualitative projects is very important. According to many analysts, analyzing qualitative reports is more difficult and complex than quantitative research.

Another reason why qualitative research in Iran is not considered is Ignorance of its applications. This is also largely due to the weakness of the analysis. Weak analysis has led to the ignorance of potential outcomes of this method of research and market research agencies often prefer to suggest quantitative methods. While answering a wide range of questions; It will not be possible without conducting qualitative research. Although various software has been developed for qualitative analysis, the role of the analyst is still much more prominent. The knowledge and insight of the analyst as well as his experience can be the most important tools for presenting a qualitative analysis. Therefore, the weakness of qualitative analysts can be considered one of the most important reasons for marketing managers’ distrust of qualitative methods in Iran.