Usage and Attitude study

Usage and Attitude study | market research

Usage and Attitude study


sage and Attitude study, or U&A, is a survey-based study that helps brands understand their market and the relationship between consumer attitudes and purchasing behavior. In general, there are 4 types of U&A studies:

⦁ Category Understanding Approach: The purpose of this type of study is to gain more information about the characteristics of the market as a whole.

⦁ Market Sizing Approach: It focuses on understanding the penetration of different product categories into the market and usage or consumption frequency.

⦁ Brand Understanding Approach: This study helps to gain insight into things like Brand Penetration, Brand Perceptions, Brand Equity, and Brand Choice Drivers.

⦁ Targeting Approach: focuses on customer segmentation based on attitudes and behaviors, which is effective in accurate and effective targeting and messaging.


U&A studies have various applications including:

⦁ When the need to understand the demands and pain points of customers is felt.

⦁ When it feels like opportunities to increase customer consumption are being lost.

⦁ When the brand is developing new product categories or marketing strategies.

⦁ And when the brand intends to have a deep understanding of its competitive landscape.


⦁ Observing the latest trends in consumer behavior: Buyers are constantly changing the way they think about products and services. In addition to brand interaction (such as marketing campaigns), competitors’ actions and broader changes in the market environment are also effective in changing consumer attitudes and usage.

⦁ A deeper understanding of consumer behavior to accept and buy products or services: Selling a product does not end when the customer buys the product. How the sold product is placed in the daily life of the customers and how it satisfies the needs of the customers has an impact on the future sales of the brand.

⦁ Measuring product demand for ideation, development, and marketing: Measuring consumer demand for products helps refine product positioning and propositions and be in the best position to increase sales.

⦁ Inform future strategies: Using a U&A study is essential for decisions such as launching a new product, investing in a large advertising campaign, expanding the brand, or entering a new market. It is impossible to be sure about the success of these decisions without having deep and up-to-date knowledge about customers and their usage patterns and attitudes towards their brand and competitors.
Generally, conducting a U&A research study helps the brand to identify opportunities to expand and grow its business.

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